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We help you resolve most of the tech issues over the phone, chat, and email. We have recently updated our privacy policy, so we highly recommend you read them before using any content on this website.

  • Complete step by step instructions on unlocking process or changing to a new service provider.
  • Help with Activation lock or disabled apple devices.
  • Complete tuneup and optimization for Mac computers, which makes them clutter free and better experience.
  • Printing issues including wired and wireless on both Mac and mobile devices, talk to our apple uk Support team, and network problems like joining to a new or existing WIFI.
  • Help with data back up and restore, iCloud and other iTunes syncing problems.
  • Quick assistance for setting up the Time Machine on external HDD or to the existing Time capsule, airport express and more.
  • Perfect help with email issues, configuring POP and IMAP server for personalized email accounts.
  • Instant Support for Mac OS X failure and upgrade issues.
  • Apple ID issues and activation help after an update or restore.

Looking for Apple Support? No more search, ask us, Fix Mac mail, iPad, and iPhone Email issues

Unable to send or receive emails? No problem, contact our Apple Support UK. Fail to open or launch mail app, because it is not responding or the mail app is frozen, which is because of an app issue or clogged up situation, don’t give up, ask us.

Apple Support UK

Most common steps to fix the email issues.

  • First of all, check if your Apple device is connected to the internet, and if you are not sure, so the best way to check is to browse the internet and try opening some websites.
  • Just in case if you are not sure, try on other devices, if they go online.
  • Restart the device(Mac, iPad, iPhone etc) and check again.
  • Check for any software update and keep your devices up to date.
  • Delete the account from the settings page and add them again.
  • If your email clients name is not mentioned while adding the email account choose other then add the mail account, type the required details.
  • Talk to our Apple Support for any difficulty adding or setting up the email account.
  • You may consider restoring the unit to the factory settings, please ensure to make the full data or device back up.
  • Contact our Apple Support for the easy device back up and restore.

How to fix disabled or locked out Apple devices(iPad, iPhone or iPod) Apple Support

So if your iPad or iPhone is disabled after making too many wrong passcode attempts or failed software update, restore can fix the issue.

You may be asked to activate the device after restore, hence sign in with the current Apple id and the password. If you are a new Apple user, we highly recommend that you create an Apple ID to download the Apps. Also if you have no clue about your Apple ID or password, check out this link. Since our iPad Support is Amazing, talk to a member or support team and find the best help online. Our Apple Support team provides you the free diagnosis for both hardware and the software issues. Please keep in mind, for the advance troubleshooting there is a nominal fee. Hence for any free support please contact official Apple support.

Apple Support UK

Unable to sync Apple devices(iPad, iPhone & iPod) with the iTunes? Apple Support

It is mainly because of a faulty cable, corrupted iTunes or other hardware issues.

  • Usually, when you plug your Apple devices to windows or Mac, it would launch iTunes automatically.
  • For users running iOS 11 and above, you need to have the latest iTunes.
  • So to have to the most recent version on windows, the minimum requirement is Windows 7.
  • Mac users, in order, install the latest iTunes update, you must have Mac OS Yosemite( 10.10.5 ) or above.
  • If you are still unable to see the iPhone or iPad into iTunes, change the port and try again.
  • Reset all settings(iPad, iPhone or iPod), don’t forget to join to WiFi and set up the passcode again.
  • To reset all settings go to settings, tap on general, all the way down click reset, then reset all settings.
  • Talk to our Apple Support for instant sync help.
  • Windows users reinstall a new copy of the iTunes, head to this link.
  • In some cases, it might require an advanced troubleshooting, check with our Apple Support helpline.

Fix beach ball issues, tune-up and optimize your Mac, make it clutter free, ask our Apple Support UK team

It is quite easy for our Apple Support team to figure out the best solution for the clogged up Mac. Because it could be due to a faulty Mac hardware or software. You may see unusual behavior after installing or upgrading to a new software. Also, any bug or a faulty software may cause the hardware and other operating system issues. There are many factors which may cause this issue, contact our Apple Support team to find the best Apple help.

Apple Support

You see beach ball on the Mac due to many reasons, most common factors and a quick tune-up can resolve this issue. So either you have less memory or there are too many programmes running in the background. At times some of them are not responding due to overload and other glitches. Talk to our Apple Support UK team to find the precise cause of the slow performance. It could also be due to the faulty operating system, or faulty hardware. Sometimes due to less memory and extremely less amount of hard drive space left.

Here are some of the best steps to tune-up the Mac

Close all the unwanted startup and running applications. Try updating your Mac to the latest software. Run Ccleaner to clean unwanted files(log files, old archive data, cookies, cache and more), the free version does the job well. Later go to utility folder and run Disk Utility, on the Mac HD / Macintosh HD. Check if you have enough hard drive space left, else try moving the personal files to an external HDD to free some space. If you know the mac well, make a fullback and reinstall the new copy of Mac OS X. No JOY? discuss with our Apple Support UK team.

Apple Support

Internet problems and WiFi issues on the Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod, safari can’t find the server

Our Apple Support experts can give you the best solutions for your WiFi or the internet issues. So If you have one of these problems, get the best help online today, talk to an Apple Support expert. Joining WiFi for the first time, you gonna need to have the correct WiFi name and the wifi password. The distance between the router and the device is also very important. Therefore please ensure, it is close enough to have the proper signal.
If the current network has caused some issues, delete and add again, we suggest you restart the device and router as well. You may also check with your service provider if the internet connection is OK. Furthermore, the best way to diagnose the internet problem is to check if the other devices are working fine. Due to the tech complications, and especially when you have no clue what to do, speak to our Apple Support UK.

Apple Support

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Issues Upgrading or reinstalling Mac OS X? talk to our Apple Support UK

Did you know? If you have time machine back up, it saves your data and time. People with a lot of personal work, please set up time machine using an external HDD. Contact our Apple Support Team for seamless support with the time machine and restore issues.
Installing new operating system could be a lot easier if you follow the steps mentioned on the screen. Read the instructions carefully, to ensure you do things accurately. Hence if you wish to upgrade your current Mac OS X or reinstall new copy, go to the App Store and check the availability of OS X. Since Mac OS X is usually a big file, a good internet speed makes it easy and convenient. So that you don’t have to wait for those long hours, call our Apple Support UK for more details.

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