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Complete help for all apple devices live, so talk an expert. We help you resolving most of the tech issues over the phone, chat and email. Hence complete support for your devices is just a phone call away. Therefore check out the things that we can assist you with and many more.

  • Complete step by step unlocking process or changing to a new service provider for your iPhone.
  • Help with locked out or disabled apple devices.
  • Therefore upgrade and install of new Mac OS X, fix corrupted copy, get help from Mac Support.
  • Complete tuneup for your Apple devices.
  • Easy diagnosis to find the, software and hardware issues.
  • Printing issues, and network problems like joining to a new or existing WIFI.
  • Data back up and restore, iCloud and other iTunes syncing problems.
  • Help with setting up new Time Machine on external HDD or to the Time capsule.
  • Email issues, with Mac, iPad, iPhone & iPods etc.
  • Help with Mac OS X, when it fails to load.
  • Apple ID issues and activation help after update of restore.
  • Complete help with setting up new Apple devices.
  • So you get all this help and many more, hence talk to our Apple experts.

Looking for Apple Support? No more search, ask us

We cover pretty much all of the software issues, and carry out a thorough diagnosis in case of a faulty hardware. Best help for the most common day to day issues with your Apple devices. Hence checkout the list of most common issues, now if you could not find your topic below, ask us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.Apple Support

  • Problems with the wireless or wired printing, including scanner issues.
  • Your Apple devices running slow or fail to start, due to the hardware or software failure.
  • Stuck with an Apple logo, or disabled devices.
  • Apple ID issues and activation lock.
  • On your Mac folder with a question mark, no clue what to do.
  • Unable to play online videos due to the outdated flash player or other plugins.
  • Help with installing new Mac OS X, going back to the previous versions, upgrade or clean Mac OS X install.
  • Mac mail issues, cases like unable to send, receive or both. Email difficulties especially when traveled to a different country or region.
  • Best advises for slow macs, hardware upgrade and changes you can possibly do to make them run faster.
  • Help with safari warnings and alerts, and best way to clean it. So many more topics covered, ask a member of our Apple Support team.

Apple Support, Unlock iPhone, Change carrier

  • Most of you wonder how to unlock an iPhone or use other service provider(Carrier).Apple Support
  • So, usually there are two kinds of iPhones available, one that comes carrier lock free, which means they can be used with any service provider, and other only with the specified carrier.
  • Now just in case if you have an iPhone which came carrier locked, and you wish to switch to another service provider, here is what you need to do.
  • You need to contact the current carrier( O2, Vodafone, BT etc) and request for unlocking your phone. If everything goes well, then it can take couple to days. Later you may receive notification confirming that it has been unlocked.
  • Please ensure to backup your iPhone, either on the iCloud, iTunes, PC or on the Mac.
  • So if you have the SIM card that you wish to use, put into the iPhone and restore phone using iTunes. You may need to reset to the factory settings, if restore from the back did not work. So if you find any difficulty please contact our Apple Support Helpline.
  • There are so many reasons that may stop your phone to finish the restore process, hence unsuccessful unlock, talk to our Apple Support.

Dial Apple Support, Fix Mac mail, iPad and iPhone Email issues

If you are Unable to send or receive emails, contact our Apple Support UK for the instant help. Another example is when you fail to open or launch mail app, because it is not responding. Therefore when the mail app is frozen, which is because of an app issue, don’t give up, ask us. Our Apple Support UK team can assist you with this, so speak to our Apple Support UK today. Now if you are experiencing one of the email problems above, or other email issues, here is the best fix for you, hence speak to a member of Mac Support team. Your can also delete and add the email account to resolve the issue.

  • You must have internet connection on your device, verify if other devices are connected?
  • Restart the device(Mac, iPad, iPhone etc) and check again.
  • Check regularly for a software updated and keep your devices upto date.Apple Support UK
  • Delete the account from settings and add them again.
  • If you can not find domains other than EXCHANGE, YAHOO, GOOGLE, AOL or OUTLOOK, choose other while adding.
  • Talk to our Apple Support for any difficulty adding or setting up the email account.
  • You may consider restoring the unit to the factory settings after the full back up, but before all this, login into the web browser to ensure you have right credentials.

Ask Apple Support, Fix Locked out or disabled iPad, iPhone

So if your Apple iPad is disabled after making too many failed pass-code attempts or failed software update, restore can fix the issue. You may be asked to activated the iPad after restore is done, hence signing with the Apple id and password. If you are a new Apple user, we highly recommended that you create an Apple ID to download the Apps from the App store. Since our iPad Support is Amazing, talk to a member or support team and find the best help online. We give you free advise and diagnosis, but troubleshooting is paid. Hence for any free support please contact official Apple support.Apple Support

Need help installing the latest copy of the iTunes, so check this link.

Difficulty Backing up Apple iPad, iPhone with the iTunes?

It is mainly because of faulty cable, corrupted iTunes or other hardware issue.

  • Usually when you plug your Apple devices to windows or Mac, it would launch iTunes automatically.
  • For users running iOS 11 and above, you need to have the latest iTunes.
  • So to have to most recent version on windows, the minimum requirement is windows 7.
  • Mac users in order install the latest iTunes update, you must have Mac OS Yosemite( 10.10.5 ) or above.
  • If you are unable to see the iPhone or iPad into iTunes, change the port and try again.
  • You may also go to the settings and reset all settings, don’t forget to join to WiFi and set up the pass-code again.
  • Talk to our Apple Support for instant help.
  • Windows users reinstall a new copy of the iTunes, head to this link.
  • We also understand, it might need advance troubleshooting, check with our Apple Support helpline.
  • Resolve all these issues today, contact our Apple Support team today.

Connect with an Apple Support UK Experts

There are many ways you may follow to contact with our Apple support UK. Also if you want us to talk to you at a particular time, fill the form and send detailed information about the issues. Our Apple support team ensures to resolve almost all of the software problems in the very first contact. Since we understand how important the time is, we resolve your issues in the least possible time. You can contact our Apple support Helpline round the clock including weekend and notional holidays. 

Instant Apple Support for, MacBook, iMac, iPad and other Apple products. We can help you by providing best solutions to yo

ur tech issues. Hence talk to a members of our Apple support.

On Mac Apple logo with the Spinning Wheel

It is quite easy for our Apple Support team to Figure out the best solution for the software failure. Furthermore, it could be 

Apple Support

because of a faulty Mac hardware or software. You may see unusual behavior after installing or upgrading to a new software. Also any bug or a faulty software may cause the hardware and other operating system issues. There are many factors which may cause this issue, contact our Apple Support team to find the best Apple help. Most common reason would be an operating system failure, or a corrupted hard drive.

WiFi issues on the Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod

Our Apple Support experts can give you the best solutions for your WiFi issues. So If you have one of these problems, get the best help online today, talk to our Apple Support. Joining WiFi for the first time, you gonna need to have the correct WiFi name the wifi password. The distance between the router and the device is very important, so please ensure, it is close enough to have the proper signal.

If the current network caused some issues, delete and add again, we suggest you to restart the device and router as well. Call and check with your service provider if the internet connection is OK. Furthermore the best way to diagnose the internet problem, is to check if the other devices are working fine. Due to the tech complications, and you have not clue what to do, talk our Apple Support UK.

Apple Support

Upgrading or installing Mac OS X? talk to our Apple Support UK

Installing new operating system could be a lot easier if you follow the steps mention on the screen. Read the instructions carefully, to ensure you do things accurately. Hence if you wish to upgrade your current Mac OS X or reinstall new copy, go to the App Store and check availability of OS X. Did you know? that a good internet speed makes it easy and convenient, so that you don’t have to wait for the whole day, call our Apple Support UK for more details. Tune-up computers regularly, because it makes your machine run faster and clutter-free, so speak to our Apple support UK.

Browsers(safari, chrome, Firefox) not working OK on the Mac

Browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox don’t take much time to fix. You also feel that your Mac takes forever to load the websites. Too much of the Junk files, cookies, cache, updates, form history, tool bards, add-ons and plugins may cause this issue. If you have one of these issues, we suggest that you run CCleaner free version should be fine. If your mac does not have much data, and non of the steps work, we suggest you do clean OS install.


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